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SEO (search engine optimization) is a vital component of any digital marketing strategy. Good SEO improves a website’s visibility and helps people find a site. It’s not enough to build a website and find a host. Companies must also create excellent content optimized for the internet.

SEO drives website traffic

Companies need to generate traffic to their website. Without visitors, a website is useless. The best way to get traffic is from organic search (unpaid search rankings). To build a site optimized for organic search results, website owners must create site content using SEO best practices such as creating quality content rich with relevant keywords.

SEO and user experience

A quality website will offer users a good experience. If a website does not provide a good user experience, it can hurt a site’s search rankings. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines can rate a site based on user experience. Search engine optimization is a critical part of user experience, and bad SEO practices will cause a website to suffer.

Local search engine optimization

Companies that want to target local customers must optimize their website for local traffic. Known as local SEO, companies can optimize their websites (and their digital marketing campaigns) to target a specific area. SEO experts accomplish this by creating content relevant to the area or using backlinks from local companies.

How SEO impacts buying

Most people use the internet to research products they want to buy. So, it pays to have an SEO optimized website to drive those people to a site when they are conducting research. A company must be visible to consumers, and it starts by using SEO to build a website that answers the customer’s questions.

How SEO helps companies understand internet marketing

Digital marketing and the internet changes rapidly. By staying on top of SEO best practices, companies will stay informed about the latest changes related to searches. Visibility is critical for any successful digital marketing campaign, and proper SEO is all about giving customers an easy route to finding a website relevant to their research.

A good digital marketing strategy must use proper SEO. Without it, a company may as well throw together a cheap website, pay a few bucks to get it online, and hope it gets a little traffic.