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Email marketing is increasingly getting preference among businesses. Statistics indicate that 93% of business-to-business companies use email marketing is the primary channel of distributing content more effectively. An additional 40% attribute the success of their content marketing strategies to email marketing. Contrary to many marketers’ belief, email marketing should be strategized for better ROI to be enjoyed. Here are tips on how to spruce up your email marketing strategies.

Personalize The Content
The first strategy to ensure the success of your business’s email marketing initiatives is to create personalized content that can easily connect with your customers. Studies indicate that personalization of email content to individual recipients leads to a 14% increase in lead conversion. For any business with a key interest in achieving better ROI with marketing, then personalization of email content is the best way to go to increase the click-through-rate.

Create Strategic Email Sending Habits
To capture the attention of more recipients of your business’s emails, it is important to reconsider the time of the day and the day of the week when emails are sent. Spamming recipients with multiple emails of same or different messages is highly unlikely to improve the click-through rate. In fact, recipients may consider it a nuisance to receive multiple emails from the same company two days in a row.

It is also important to send your emails in the afternoon hours during when most recipients get the time to check through their emails. In addition, sending your emails over the weekend may be the best option as research has revealed that such emails receive a higher email click-through rate.

Optimize Emails For Mobile
The tech industry is availing more mobile gadgets, including tablet and smartphones, in the market. It is important to comply with this changing trend and ensure that you sent emails that are optimized for viewing on smartphones. Further, statistics have corroborated this idea as studies have shown that 59% of emails sent are normally opened on smart mobile devices.

Optimizing email content for smartphones, such as using short subject lines, using single columns, increasing the font size, and reducing the volume of text, increases your chances of success with email marketing.