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The great debate between PC and Mac permeates nearly every facet of business and technology; at some point in time, just about everyone who uses personal electronics has questioned which operating system they should use.

For some reason, PC vs. Mac is a polarizing topic; it’s as if people cannot merely use both in harmony, or have a preference for a particular type of software, but instead, they are forced to choose which one is the absolute best when it comes to tech.

Digital marketing is no exception. Is PC or Mac the best choice for tackling the various responsibilities of marketing? Which one is the greatest investment for a company overall?

Consider the Cost
Depending on budget, the initial price and additional cost of applications can be higher for Mac users. There are many low-end computers that run on Windows 10 that are perfectly capable of handling the day-to-day tasks of digital marketing. Apple computers, on the other hand, start at $1,099; for a small business that needs multiple computers for its staff, the start-up cost for purchasing Apple tech may be more than necessary.

Mac devices are easy to use and equipped with a user-friendly interface that makes it simple to dive right into apps and software. However, most people were introduced to computers that ran on PC, and many continue to rely heavily on Windows and its Microsoft applications in education and the workplace.

Depending on the age demographic, Mac may be more intuitive than Windows, but both are relatively simple to use. Deliberation should come down to which OS is most familiar and easy to use for the user.

Design Capability
Mac features a variety of tools that making designing digital marketing materials easy. Apple Motion and Final Cut Pro easily trump any of the free editing software available for Windows. Both are compatible with the Adobe Creative Suite, though, so users won’t have to feel like they’re missing out when it comes to accessing the essential tools of the trade.

Mac also makes it easier to connect multiple devices and share files across the Cloud. Airdrop is an insanely easy and valuable tool that digital marketers can use to quickly access and collaborate on projects.

The Final Verdict
Mac is becoming increasingly popular, so much to the point that it’s almost considered the gold standard in digital marketing. This isn’t to say that Windows doesn’t have its fair share of applications and use, but those who are looking for the best long-term investment will most likely find that digital marketing on Mac suits their needs the most.