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No matter what industry your business is in, you should attempt some form of digital marketing. However, depending on your industry and target audience, the social media platforms and methods you’ll use will differ. There are a variety of niche social media sites, such as ones specific for law firms, real estate, and restaurants, but there are also more general ones that any business can benefit from using. Here are some tips to determine what platforms your company should be using to improve your digital presence and reach more people.

Focus on target audience

The first step to take is to think about your target audience. What profiles do they use? How can you most easily reach them? What type of ad opportunities are there? You can create fantastic social profiles on a variety of platforms, but if you cannot reach your customer base, it is not really worth it.

What can you automate?

While digital marketing can be a vital part of your business marketing plan, you want to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible. What social media platforms can you automate? If you can create high-quality profiles and front load the work, it can significantly pay off. If you can automate posts, schedule evergreen content that can be planned ahead and shared so you do not have to focus continuously on that profile.

How many people can you reach?

Some social media platforms have bigger potential reaches than others. A few profiles, such as Facebook, give you estimates of how many people you can reach as you design and schedule an ad. Getting estimates can be extremely helpful and allow you to gauge your expected ROI. While there may be platforms that fit your niche better than others, focus more time on those platforms that allow you to reach the most people.

Is it easy to use?

When you begin incorporating new social media platforms into your business marketing, evaluate how easy they are to use. Can virtually any member of your business potentially use this property? Is it something only a marketing person should be using? If a site is easy to use, it’s certainly something you should begin utilizing as soon as possible.

Keep monitoring the profiles

Once you’ve begun using new platforms for your marketing efforts, remember to monitor them on an ongoing basis. Do not give up too quickly just because you are not seeing significant results; digital marketing methods can sometimes take a bit of time, especially as you try out new platforms.