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If you work in marketing, it does not matter what point of your career you’re at; you need to always be taking steps forward to learn more and become increasingly efficient. Methods and technology are continuously changing in marketing, particularly in digital marketing. Whether you’re looking for a formalized education or something more informal, there are plenty of options out there for the motivated marketer who wants to enhance their skill set and improve their knowledge.

Go back to school

For many, this path may not be an option, but it’s still worth considering. If you do not have an official marketing degree, you can go back to school for it, or choose to pursue a masters. You could also take individual classes in order to improve specific marketing skills. Whether you choose to attend classes in a physical space or take them online is up to you.

Get online certifications

If you do not want to pursue formal education through a university, you can still choose from a variety of online certifications. These can take a matter of days or months to complete, depending on what you choose and how much time you devote to it. Do some research to see which ones are recommended in your particular focus.

Talk to other professionals

You can attend in-person marketing meetups, find an online forum, or connect with other people online and ask them how they keep their skills sharp. Share knowledge and tips with each other and learn what suggestions they have.

Get a mentor

A mentor is a fantastic way to learn about new opportunities and how to pursue your desired career path. Someone who has more experience in your industry can give valuable advice and direction.

Experiment in your freetime

For many marketing methods, you’ll find it’s easiest to improve by practicing them. Try out new techniques and skills in your spare time before beginning to use them for clients. Do plenty of research and be as knowledgeable as possible in the services you’re providing.

Read as much as possible

There is an endless amount of resources available for learning about marketing techniques and news. Follow high-quality blogs, subscribe to useful newsletters, and find books that relate to the marketing skills you want to improve. Reading can keep you abreast of the latest news and ways to enhance your marketing skills.

Learn a new skill

While you should spend time improving your current skills, it’s also important to continuously learn new skills. Regularly identify new skills you can hone that will help you in your marketing career.