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Social media has become an integral part and parcel of our lives. With the rising cases of cyber insecurity, it is important for businesses and individuals to keep their social media accounts and profiles safe. Taking the right measures to protect such personal and sensitive information helps keep a business’s and individual’s reputation intact. Here is an overview of five ways you can secure your social media accounts.

Setting a strong password

Setting a password to exclude and eliminate unauthorized access to a business’s social media account is the first important step to take. It is highly recommended to set a secure and strong password that is not easy to guess. A business with multiple social media accounts should prefer using different passwords for each to reduce the threshold of risk. A strong password should comprise of a combination of alphabetic, numerical, and special characters.

Using two-factor authentication

A password on its own can be easily breached. It is important to include an added layer of security by turning the two-factor authentication feature on. This concept works by having a one-time pin send through a mobile SMS or even an email whenever one logs in. In case an individual gains unauthorized access to the social media accounts’ passwords, it becomes virtually impossible to log in without access to the pin.

Change passwords often

It is good practice to frequently change social media passwords. This is because most cybercriminals often use multiple techniques to penetrate and illegally acquire even well-kept passwords. Changing the password often makes it virtually impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access to sensitive profiles through identity theft.

Limiting access to passwords

Another important step to take is to limit the number of workers within a business who have access to social media account passwords. The more the number of persons having access to the password, the higher the chances of the password being leaked. If the business has a dedicated social media agent, then only one or two trusted persons should be given access to the passwords.

Monitor account activity

Lastly, it is important to monitor every activity that happens around your social media accounts. Every instance of logging in should be evaluated and validated. Additionally, whenever a suspected instance of leaked passwords is detected, it is important to take the necessary corrective action by resetting and changing the passwords.